Happy New Year!!! 
How we feelin' about 2021 now being a thing of the past? Ready to smash some new goals and leave the Big C behind us? I think we're all manifesting that one! (Wether she's ready to leave us or not, we're ready it's time to live life!) 
New Years is the time to set resolutions and as Skaters we have some groovy tricks to add to the collection on our vision board! BUT if you're just getting started in the world of Rollerskating and just have a shiny pair of skates on that vision board with no idea how to give that manifestation its action plan just yet, don't worry we're the Roller-skate fairy god mothers here to help you find your 8 wheeled slippers! 
One of the biggest questions we get asked from new skaters is which skates are best for beginners? And truth be told when you're new to this world it can seem super daunting with so many different brands and styles available, so here are our recommendations of things to consider when looking for your perfect pair and some top picks to help you along your way! 
First Ask yourself this... 
What's your track record at sticking to things? (We're not judging) Because some roller-skates can be pricey AF! So you wanna be sure you don't take out a small mortgage to buy a pair that you only end up using a few times. 
We recommend looking for a second hand pair on places like Facebook marketplace or Ebay for people who didn't follow this step and are now trying to get rid of the Rollerskates collecting dust under their stairs. 
What kinda skating appeals the most to you? 
Is it park skating, Jam skating, street skating, artistic? I know these may seem like wild terms but think about what video you saw on Instagram that made you say "I wanna skate!" and look at what they're doing to help you decide! This isn't that important when just starting out as you'll likely have to upgrade by the time you find your groove anyways but it can be important to look out for on your first pair too even some beginner skates may be more suited to certain styles than others! 
Ok you've taken these things into consideration, now what? NOW WE RECOMMEND SOME SKATES FOR YOU!!! ARE YOU READY? 
Numero uno on our list is Chaya Lifestyle Rollerskate 
Not only do these guys look super cute but they also have a good track record on longevity and durability! Coming in at €129 We think they're a great and affordable option for your first pair! 
Rookie Artistic Rollerskates! 
We vibe with these guys A LOT for a beginner pair, the metal plate and slick pleather boot means that whilst these guys may not have an aesthetic as cute as some other beginner pairs, their longevity makes them even cuter! 
The 80A wheel hardness makes them perfect for both indoors and out doors and the Adjustable toestop is perfect if you see Jam skating as one of your goals!
Coming in at just  €104 we say don't walk run to these guys! 
Rio Roller Roller Skates
Another great pair of beginner skates! Similarly too the Rookie artistic skates these have a wheel hardness of 82A making them perfect for both indoors and outdoors! The boot also offers great ankle support which is always a plus! 
Ok so thats our top three picks...
Now what are you waiting for!!! Gets your skates on hehe! 
*Just a side note, these are all very basic beginner skates that we recommend learning the basics on, for park skating especially we advise you nail those basics in a pair like these then maybe make your upgrade* 
We hope this helps!!! Be sure to tag us in your new skates!!! 
Why not pair those new skates with some cute Subtle Poison Skate outfits? 

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