When I moved to Manchester in 2022 I had a very limited, self taught skating experience. I knew I would find more skaters here than I could back in Galway, but had no idea just how much I would learn from all of the people I was going to meet! 


There is a huge skate community in Manchester, across all different skating disciplines (mine being jam skating, with a little street thrown in). The jam skate community was so welcoming to me when I found them, and I’ve made some of my best friends here! 


MCRJamSkate / @mcrjamskate is a skate community run by us local jammers and we do our best to help the community grow and to make skating more accessible in Manchester! We host weekly open jam sessions in a local dance studio where some of our more experienced skaters share their skills and newer skaters get to practice in a safe space. We also do our best to collaborate with the other skate communities in the UK and beyond to bring workshops and events to our people.


We love having visitors for meet ups and workshops so give us a message on our page if you’re a skater visiting Manchester 🐝


Quick shoutout to some of our other friends in the city doing amazing work 





Some of our fave jam/skate spots around the city 

1. Aviva Studios



2. Media City Waterfront


3. And for sunset we head to the Media City multi-story car park 👀
4. Dancezone studios (our weekly indoor jam)
5. Alexandra Park (for summer picnic skates)

6. The streets! (at your own risk)

some other places of mention:

  • New Bailey car park
  • Old northern car park 
  • Outside the Brooks Building, Manchester Met
  • St Peter’s Square

Huge thanks to Anna Cussen for her input in this series! Got Somewhere you like to Skate or Surf and wanna tell our community all about it? Get in touch :) 

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