Sustainability & Environmental

Keeping the earth green and the streets clean, especially as skaters and lovers of the sea and the outdoors in general is a huge priority for us. 

We are aware 100% Zero waste as a fashion brand is quite an unattainable but our aim is to take steps in each and every process of our work to be as sustainable as possible and ensure we remain part of the slow fashion movement! 

We aim to create pieces that will be one of a kind in your wardrobe that you will love and cherish for a lot more than just one season and wear for years! 

We work with small scale tailors & manufacturers in Pakistan, China and Indonesia and ensure all of the talented people we work with to bring our garms to life are paid fairly for their work. 

We order products either in small MOQ or on a Made to order basis to try and minimise waste as much as possible. 

All of our orders are shipped with little to no plastic wrapping and the shipping bags are made from either recycled plastic or biodegradable material.  

As we grow as a brand we a committed to finding new ways all the time that we can take steps to be more sustainable!