Subtle Poison Vibrations

As you may or may not have seen we have jumped right into Spring Summer with the launch of our new community events Subtle Poison Soul Vibrations! 
So I thought I would use this blog post to give you a little bit of background as to why! 
I know to a lot of people the immediate thoughts could have been "You're a clothing brand?" but I think this is the exact reason I wanted to create the events because while yes we are quite obviously a clothing brand to me personally Subtle Poison is more of a lifestyle choice. 
I started Subtle Poison during the big bad P word! At a time when despite the restrictions and even entrapment of not being able to go further than the 5KM I had grown up in I had never felt more free. 
My time was my own and I was spending it creating, healing and connecting to somewhere I thought I couldn't wait to leave. I was lucky enough to live close enough to the beach and be able to spend a huge amount of my time there. It was only then too I got my first pair of Rollerskates since I was a child. I got a taste of what freedom in everyday life could feel like and I was immediately hooked. 
I was spending most of my time skating or at the beach - This quickly led me to realise my pre pandemic wardrobe was very much more suited for aesthetic purposes than physical activity. When I began to try to shop for pieces that had both the aesthetic and physical functions I required from pieces, this is where I struggled - And so, Subtle Poison was born. 
Almost 2 years on and even after spending some time abroad in beautiful Bali, Indonesia I have never been more proud and grateful to call Ireland my home. Since being home from Bali I have quite literally immersed myself into and also enjoyed the elements of every season Ireland has to offer - Even sometimes all in one day lol. 
As some of you who follow my personal account may know as well as loving skating I LOVE spending time in the sea, whether thats swimming, surfing or even skating by it, I love it and it feeds my soul. 
This winter I even challenged myself to 100 days of dips through the cold, harsh and wet Irish winter and completing it gave me a huge sense of achievement and an I can do anything I put my mind to approach to life. 
That brings me up to why as a brand we're now running the events. I always say I am so inspired by the Subtle Poison customer especially in moments like Skate Love 2022 when so many people were wearing the brand in one place doing something I also love. But I also appreciate there is a lack of spaces for these more niche hobbies within Ireland, especially given a lot of them are things you may have to try alone at first. I want Soul Sessions to be a safe space to meet and connect with like minded people and try new things while outside and in nature.
We have begun with beach yoga, meditation, sea swims and sauna sessions but I am so excited to expand and grow and hopefully offer even more thrill seeking fun as the events grow! 
On March 19th we had our first ever Community event with a small group of Amazing women! 
The day began with everyone greeting each other and myself and Anna our fabulous yoga instructor before diving straight into our Skaters Flow! 
Following the flow we did some guided meditation followed by some dancing! 
We then headed into the sea for a dip followed by a gorgeous dip in the sea and a sauna session to warm up! 
We closed the day with some coffee, teas, hot chocolates and chats!
It was such a special day and even the universe had our backs keeping the rain off right up to the end of the event! 
Our next Soul Sessions event is taking place on Sunday April 23rd and this time we will be using the day to celebrate Earth Day! 

We hope to see you there :) 

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