Finding your Confidence on Rollerskates!


Starting anything new or even going back to something you did as a child as an adult can feel super daunting and scary albeit it can also be an amazing way to meet new friends and surround yourself with people and things that create a real sense of purpose and meaning in your life. For that reason alone we think overcoming that initial first leap and feeling the fear and doing it anyway is so worth it - But how do you make that leap? 

We've put together 3 of our top tips for feeling the fear and doing it anyways. We're applying these to rollerskating but also feel that applied to any area of your life they would have you smooth sailing... 

So first up! 


Its time to CTRL+ALT+DEL That fear of falling...

I KNOW! Nobody wants to fall but falling is part of skating and the good news is is it's actually usually never as bad as it seems and the more you fall the more you learn. Eventually you also subconsciously train yourself to learn the most safe ways to fall and quickly get back up. This is definitely one of those ones that you should be carrying through to every area of life! 


NOBODY actually cares what you're doing more than you do...

I hope I haven't bruised any egos with this one because I know we all like to believe that everyone is in fact obsessed with us and listen run with that delusion if it helps you in some ways but in this sense I'm hoping it will help. LOL. I think especially when we're first starting out at skating doing it in public can instantly feel like everyone and anyone is doing literally nothing else but staring at us and passing remarks. I am here to tell you - not as many people are staring or commenting as you think and if they are most of the time it is in a positive light and when it isn't anyone who is miserable enough to pass negative remarks on what you're doing will no doubt forget you quickly and return to thinking about whatever else it is making them unhappy. 

One huge tip I have for overcoming this one is finding friends or local skate groups that you could skate with. Not only does this remove the fear/embarrassment you may be feeling around skating in public alone but it is also a great way to learn from other people! 



Yup you heard me! Just skate - as mucccchhh as you can! The lack of confidence we usually feel skating usually comes from a lack of experience and the only way to gain experience is to just skate all the time! Even if that means popping the skates on for 10 mins a night in the kitchen every minute helps! Also remember everyone was a beginner at some stage and everyone had to learn in order to progress and gain more confidence. So just remember it will come with time!


That's our 3 top tips now what are you waiting for! GET YOUR SKATES ON!


This image shows a girl wearing rollerblades grinding the coping

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